The Conspiracy of Ravens Board Game

The Conspiracy of Ravens Board Game is a Canadian and U.S.A. patented game to download, print, and play.  We are offering this board game free.

We would be interested in licensing or selling the patents should a company wish to take this further and make it digital to play on computer, pad, or cell phone.

Contact Enviroquest Ltd. if interested.

Sherrene Kevan


The Conspiracy of Ravens Game Information  

Raven Game Pieces

Q&A Game Cards

Instructional Game Cards

Gameboard – Single Sheet

Gameboard – 4 Pieces

Game Cards

game cards 2

Game cards – Food


  1. Double the amount of food pieces, especially if 3 or 4 players.
  2. You only need the picture of the food item; cut off the part of the square that says “Food”.
  3. You do not need the predator pieces.  They are pretty though, and you can always cut them out to look at them, or teach players what each predator looks like.
  4. Unless stated, all food pieces acquired during play of the game, go into the open cache.
  5. Let us know how you like the game!



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